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Lister Liberty CLASSIC Battery Cell Pack


Cell Pack fits inside your Lister Liberty CLASSIC Battery.

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Battery cell pack only.

Cell pack fits inside your existing Lister CLASSIC battery and does not include the outer battery case.

4500 mAh capacity cell pack, for up to 3 hours clipping time.

Fitting instructions are included which involve cutting 2 wires and re-joining them with crimp connectors (included).

Fast delivery – we usually post items the same day if ordered before 3pm.



Should I buy this Cell Pack or a new Lister Lithium Battery ?

  • If you already have the Classic Liberty Battery we recommend using this Cell Pack rather than buying a new battery.
  • The new Lithium Battery is more expensive, will not perform any better and has a similar capacity and lifespan.

How long will this battery last for ?

  • With regular use and charged before storing this battery will lasts around 5 years or 500 cycles.
  • If you store it without charging or very rarely use it then it may not last as long.

My original Liberty Classic battery stopped working after just a year or 2 ?

Is it difficult to fit this Cell Pack ?



Additional information

Weight 0.73 kg
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Cell Pack – to fit yourself, Cell pack – fitted by us


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